Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Now I'm Officially Ready to Go

I went out shopping the other day and, after weeks of browsing and considering and rejecting lots of other choices, have found myself the right bag. I needed something just big enough for a camera and wallet and sunglasses (oh my) without being big and bulky to let things get lost in the bottom. I finally found it at Wilson's Leather - this is the closest I can find online, though it's not quite what I have.

So, I have The Bag, and a passport, and a new suitcase (a side effect of unsuccessful bag shopping), and plane tickets, and an apartment... I'm good to go!

I also wrote a letter to my kids for each night I'm gone, so they'll have a little Mama in their lives while I'm off gallavanting. And can I just say in advance that I really am grateful and lucky to have a husband who is graciously and uncomplainingly taking the kids for a whole week while I'm away, and I haven't had to write him one single list or reminder - I just know he'll be fine.

And if the kids eat nothing but mac 'n' cheese and ice cream for the week, well, that's fine, too. It'll be nice not to be in charge for a while.

I'm leaving tomorrow to stay at my mom's for the night, and then we fly out on Friday evening. With luck, the apartment actually will have the wireless that it says it has, in which case I'll be able to update here as planned... I hope!

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