Friday, May 11, 2007


Ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy!!! ACCK!

So, we are leaving for PARIS (EEK!) in about nine hours and I am completely freaking out. I may in fact be on the border of tweaking out or geeking out or otherwise spazzing to the outer most extreme!!

I think the reason that I am posting right now in stead of Kate is because they want to give me a new audience to spazz all over. Who knows, a new audience might still find me cute and enthusiastic and may not be plotting my untimely demise.

This is my first trip to Europe. My is my first time on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! I will be in PARIS (BIG GRIN) within the the next SIXTEEN HOURS!!!! I really don't know why I am even tryiong to write now. I can't keep a full train of thought in my head. Everything is dulled out by the mantra of parisparisparisparisparisparisparisparis.....You get the idea.

Love and Excited Jitters,



Willem said...

Calm, blue ocean, Sarah. Pace yourself, grasshopper.

scienceesl said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!!! May the joys of France be wonderful for you all!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun Sara and keep us updated!!

<3 Shannon

L said...

I love hearing the excitement in your message ... it's contagious! I can't wait to start reading "real" trip reports now that you're all there!