Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a yarn of wax and books

So today we checked out the musee grenvin : the wax museum, in the morning. There I had a chance to slap Jackie Chan around....

catch up with Sean and Julia...

and watch Sarah nearly get her head lopped off...

It was pretty neat. Some of the figures were very obviously wax, while others were so real-looking as to be creepy.

After that we looked around the book markets on the Seine and we each got paintings at this place:
(if you look at the left, you can see the artist.) Then we stopped at a book store before heading to le bon marche, which apparently roughly translates into the Sanctuary of Yarns.

Personally I don't knit, so there was a limit on how enthralled I could be, but the same wasn't true for Kate and Sarah. It was kind of fun to watch them get so excited and a little overwhelmed with all the options and potential projects. They ended up with a good stash....

which they seem pretty satisfied with. Tomorrow the plan right now is to check out Versailles in the morning and Sacre Coeur in the afternoon. We might see Mom again tomorrow if she decides to "leave this heavenly place" (Marseilles) but it sounds to me as if Thursday will be more likely, assuming she decides to come back at all.


Editorial note: Our Mommy Dearest decided that Paris wasn't quite exciting enough for one week, plus she has a chronic and intense need for the sea, in any form. She needed some alone-time, too, I think... in any case, she's in Marseilles for the night, and possibly the rest of her life. Which is good, because she's happy, and we got to go book and yarn shopping in Paris. Which she would not have enjoyed nearly as much as drinking wine while overlooking the Mediterranean. --KBW


Anonymous said...

Hi Bowers women (mostly Mary)!!
It's Maya here writing from Central Maine... not QUITE as exciting as France, I guess, but not everyone can be quite so lucky. I've been checking the blog religiously and I just gotta hand it to you... it has not disappointed! This trip looks phenomenal - the food, the company, the wine, the sites. What more could a girl ask for? I'm glad you've had the opportunity to show Jackie Chan who's boss, eat snails (HOW WAS IT?!?!) and admire the Eiffel Tower all in a few days. Keep enjoying!


mary said...

Hi Maya!
the snails were pretty good - really salty and garlicky (which I didn't mind :) ) and vaguely seafoodish. But they don't get any points for appearance;they look like seaweed and nameless other gunk just stuffed into a snail shell . The tools they give you to attack it with are pretty cool too. There's a grabber, tong-thing with teeth and a tiny poky fork with a plastic knob on the end.

I think your best bet would be to come and try it for yourself.

Di said...

Looks like you got a good stash!! Did you see the La Droguerie section in Bon Marche?? I love Anny Blatt yarn - I see you got lots.

Glad you are enjoying Paris!!