Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Il Pleut

Yesterday we relied heavily on vehicles other than our feet to get us around Paris. Things like a boat, and a bus, and the Metro. We needed a bit of a break from the cobblestones, plus there were the intermittent downpours that none of us was particularly interested in experiencing face-first.

So, we took a boat tour of the Seine...

...rode on top of a double-decker bus until it looked rainy again...

...and then had a traditional French dinner.

And now we're off for some wax museums, shopping and further bus tours, while my mother has departed for Somewhere in the South of France, and we hope to see her again before we depart on Saturday.


Baino said...

Katey Matey . . .great pics, I feel like I'm travelling with you. Happy Mother's day and I'm enjoying une petit holiday of my own, night in a luxury apartment in town. I'll just have to pretend that the opera house and the coathanger are the Eiffel and du L'arc. Enjoy!

teresa said...

mmmm snails! i love snails!

and i love your camera!

have a great time, so i can live vicariously

tyvm :)

Anonymous said...

Rain in Paris is so much more romantic than rain in Nova Scotia!!

Glad you're having fun!!


scienceesl said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures and it sounds like a great time! I am jealous of your mom's trip down to the south!