Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I suppose I should include a quick explanation about why we're going. I mean, partly, because it's Paris. I'm sure there are people who wouldn't go to Paris if they had the chance, but those people? Not us.

The idea formed in January, on New Year's Eve, when my sisters were still at my house for the holidays. We were chatting about various important, serious topics (Grey's Anatomy and knitting) and somehow veered off into the coming year. And we realized that, in 2007, I will turn 30 (May 30) - Sarah will turn 21 (August 11) and Mary would turn 16 (April 17). Those seemed like big, noteworthy birthdays.

The next day, my mother called to wish us a Happy New Year, and mentioned on her own that she'd realized we all had significant birthdays this year. "We should plan a trip somewhere, maybe a weekend or something," she said.

Thus the seed was planted. After some quality time between myself and, I realized that plane tickets to Paris really weren't much more expensive than flights within the US. And my mother had always wanted to go to Paris but never quite been able to manage it. And I was working 10 hours overtime a week from January into the foreseeable future. And my sisters aren't exactly going to balk at a trip to France. So, viola!

I bought plane tickets right away, because I felt like otherwise we were in danger of having another one of those experiences where everyone gets excited but then somehow it never happens. Eventually, my mom found an apartment, I got museum passes, they all got their passports, and we've been increasingly squealy and bouncy.

So, I tell you what, I am set on birthday presents for this year! Such a relief...


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What!?! No "Before" photos?

Di said...

hope you have a great time! I love Paris - I have been 9 times!! My friends used to live there (they moved to Milan last year) so I always had somewhere to stay.

For yarn - definitely check out the department store- Le Bon Marche (on south side 5th arrondisement I think) -it has the best yarn department, you could also look for a Phildar shop - French yarn - there are lots around Paris. if you like buttons there is a great button shop on Rue du Temple, just behind the Hotel du Ville. If you have your back to the Hotel du Ville then the button shop is just near the start of the street on the right hand side (at least it was last year). Seeking inspiration you should visit La Droguerie - amazing store (but expensive and you always have to wait in a huge line - and the buttons are much cheaper in the store on Rue du Temple) but you can see amazing ribbons, yarn, buttons there. It is on Rue du Jour which is just behind Chatelet and the ugly modern shopping centre Les Halles.

As for the sights - all the usual are recommended - my favourite is musee d'orsay. Visit the Marais district (1st to 4th arrondisements) - lots of amazing shops, restaurants etc. and see Place de la Vendome - a beautiful square. Best ice cream is available on the small island behind Ile de la Cite (Notre Dame is here) - take the small road down the middle of the island and there is an ice cream store there. Lunch at the Mosque du Paris is also fab - or drink mint tea in their quiet white tiled oasis garden. If you go to Le Bon Marche for yarn then make sure you visit the food hall - it is amazing! Jardins du Luxembourg is a great place to relax if the weather is nice. Best crepes near Montparnasse.

Have a ball!!

scienceesl said...

I am madly jealous! Have a wonderf