Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Knitting in Paris

Yes, indeed, Sarah and I have spent much of our time in the Metro knitting. And, yes, Gretchen... mine is socks. Sarah's... I'm not really sure. Maybe legwarmers? Or very enthusiastic '80s-style slouch socks, which would have their own charm.

Anyway, I find it very interesting that apparently knitting is something done only behind closed doors in Paris. People on the subway - especially men - watch us warily, as though any minute we're going to stand up and stab our neighbor in four different orifices at once. Women are a little more relaxed about it, but still openly fascinated. And I think Sarah scarred a poor girl for life yesterday, by knitting a 10cmx10cm swatch of her new yarn (for which the onlooker smiled and watched intently) and then pulling it out to use in her intended project (for which the French girl was just appalled, as though Sarah had just sliced the head off a baby squirrel).

So, we're spreading a little culture to the town at the same time that the town gets its culture all over us. We're starting to think about bringing a hat (maybe a knitted one?) to pass around for donations after each knitting display, in the manner that people ride the subways and sing or play instruments and then ask for money.

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Necia said...

You write very well.