Saturday, November 21, 2009

Retour à Paris

Two years ago, there was a momentous coincidence of birthdays within our family: the eldest daughter turned 30, the middle one 21, and the last 16, all within the same year. We had to celebrate, and after a short period of research and brainstorming, we decided on Paris. Our mother graciously offered to join us, and within a week the plane tickets had been purchased (on the theory that once the tickets were reserved, we were far more likely to follow through on the trip, instead of just talking about it without actually going anywhere).

We went, and the adventures are documented down below.

A year later, we decided to travel again, this time just because we could. We chose Jamaica, and away we went... again, documenting the trip here, and racking up stories and a few bruises.

As 2009 rolled by, it was looking unlikely that it would feature another major travel escapade. For one thing, none of the daughters were employed full-time, and for another, there had been changes in health status, a few moves, and general spurts of chaos that interfered with things like leisure, just-for-fun sorts of travel.

But 2009 also marked our mother's 50th birthday, and of course we had to celebrate somehow. We considered a weekend on Cape Cod, but for a number of reasons it just wasn't right. And then, in late July, she stumbled upon an excellent deal, plane tickets and hotel and Metro passes for just over $500 per person. It was one of those "buy now or the deal expires" sorts of situations, so at 8:50p one summer night, none of them planned to go anywhere exciting this year... and by 9:00p, we had seats on a plane and beds in a hotel reserved.

And thus opens another chapter in our travel journal...

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