Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Apartment

I forgot, I'd taken these photos on our way out the door on our last day in Paris... it's already starting to fade into memory, no longer feeling like "I was just there." Which is a little sad, but I'm still just so thrilled that we went. What a gift for us all.


Anyway. Our digs in Paris... small, but it certainly met our needs! It was called Citea la Villette, on the avenue Courentin Cariou, in the 19th arrondissement... which means it was in the northeast corner of the city, toward the end of Line 7 on the Metro.


Seeing as how we were in room 610 (which places us on what Americans would call the 7th floor), we had to use an elevator to get there. And in France, elevators close With Authority, and they don't need no stinkin' sensors to protect your pathetic touristy little arms and legs (and heads) from sudden closings. We learned how to scamper on and off with very little practice.



I'll be off having some nostalgia. Anyone up for a quick trip to France?